According to elven cosmology, time moves in circles. The current world is built on layer upon layer of history, cycles of birth and death that each have left their mark upon the bones of the earth. Light wars with dark and night with day while the stars above remain unchanging; the underbrush is burned out to make way for new growth; and because the process of creation is cyclical and never ending, the “world ever begins to end and ends to begin.”

Then, in the closing decades of what is already known to many as the Dark Age of Dhara, the cycle ends. The technological artifice of eons past collided with the power of nature to produce “the Change,” the potential to destroy and reshape the foundations of the world itself.

As nature begins to teeter out of control, oracles go mad and prophecies spread about a broken future, filled with war and pestilence and falling stars. The gods seem to be turning their backs on this world in favor of others, and the powers that be in the mortal realms scramble to understand and take hold of the artifacts that control the fate of Dhara. Some have won and some failed.

Now, a new legend is about to be born.


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